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America's Premium Physician Support Provider.

Founded in 2004, we have 9 years of experience in providing unparalleled high-volume, error-free claim management, medical billing and coding to practitioners across America.We offer end-to-end medical billing services, starting from medical coding through to accounts receivables follow-up with the insurance companies as well as patients.

We manage your medical billing and coding process just as if it were a wealth management portfolio managed by a bank. What that means is that you are assured of our utmost diligence regarding each and every claim billed and collected. In addition, you can monitor your collections on a minute by minute basis through our web or mobile apps.

We're not just your average billing company, we're ahead of the curve - ethically, operationally and technologically!

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Perfecture Reports Mobile App.

With Perfecture Mobile Reports, keeping track of your billing and payments is as easy as touching a button!

  • Medical Billing Reports
  • Individual Patient Reports
  • Summarizations and Overviews
  • Detailed Reports categorized by Day, Month and Year
  • Email reports straight to your inbox!

We told you we weren't your average billing company. We're the greatest, with the latest in billing technologies and services.

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Perfecture Medical Billing

We make sure you get the highest revenue out of your billing & get paid to the max. This happens by using our 'Perfecture Billing' process: At every step of the process, there is a strict quality check to ensure that errors are minimized. In addition, our ROA (Revenue Audit Optimization) team constantly endeavours to ensure all avenues of maximizing revenue (for example correct-coding instead of under-coding - which is most often the case) are used. So your business adds on revenue that you never knew you could get.

In most billing operations, one person (or two if you are lucky) is dedicated to your account. While this gives you the ease and comfort of dealing with a "single person", it denies you the benefits that several specialists can bring to your account.

With us, You will be able to:

Keep abreast of

  • Latest changes in billing norms & procedures
  • Changes in bundling codes and down-coding by insurance companies
  • Changes in coding guidelines and codes

Monitor Insurance payments

  • Look out for instances of under-coding
  • Follow-up with Insurance companies for under-payments and denial.
  • If needed, provide documentation required for legal action.

Monitor patient payments

  • Follow-up with patients for payments.
  • Send delinquent accounts to collection agencies and follow-up with them

No upfront cost | Easy Implementation | Maximum Revenue

More money does sound good. Get in touch with us.

Perfecture Medical Coding.

Good coding means better cash flow for your practice! For specialist practices, incorrect coding can mean loss of several thousand dollars. Under-coding, which is very prevalent and more difficult to spot can really take away those hard earned dollars you deserve. And, the insurance companies are not going to help you with that.

  • We are ready for ICD 10 and are proficient in CPT, ICD - 9, & HCPCS level 2 codes across various specialties.
  • 3 - level checks for maximum accuracy
  • In accordance with NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) & LCD ( Local coverage decision & medical policies)
  • Quick cash flows due to high accuracy & efficiency.

Need better coding? We'll give you the best. Give us a call

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Medical Revenue Optimization Audit (ROA)

Consider this. Every billing operation will be prone to some degree of errors. In case of in-house billing teams, 95% accuracy is considered very good. However, this 5% error, which seems insignificant at first, would mean a loss of $100,000 annually for a practice collecting $2 million annually!

That's why you should use our ROA to increase your ROI - It can strengthen your current billing operations and help increase your revenue!.

What is this Audit?

Coding review

  • use of correct codes
  • examine under-coding
  • bundling etc.

Billing review

  • Use of correct diagnosis codes CPTs, modifiers, charge amounts
  • timely filing
  • filing with authorizations
  • filing with medical records

Payment review

  • Follow-up with patients for payments.
  • Send delinquent accounts to collection agencies and follow-up with them

How is the audit conducted?

This audit is carried out after your office hours, so that your billing team has updates ready for them to take action on next morning.

For conducting the audit, our team signs on to your medical billing system and reviews the records online and compiles a report for the billing team. Each claim billed or payment received is reviewed and reported on.

A separate report that lists the various findings in a statistical manner is periodically sent to the head of the billing group and the doctor. This report can help your organization identify training areas to help your team improve.

Why do you need this Audit?

It's the best prevention against Under-billing and Incorrect-billing!

We'll find the money that you never even knew you earned. Fill out this form and we'll get back to you in 24 hours with a solution.

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Accounts Receivable

Managing to get the money out from those who are reluctant to pay is an art (and a process that requires diligent follow-up).

At Perfecture, we know that old payments that are not recovered in time, will never get paid. We help recover your old payments by diving right in and assessing each old claim for its payability. If it is the insurance companies that have to pay, we ensure that three levels of appeal are done in a timely manner so that should you choose to litigate, you can show due process has been followed. For the rest, we call the claim-adjusters, present your case in a forceful manner and attempt to get payment released. In case of patient payments, we send three statements to them, call them and insist that they pay. For the die-hards who don't, we recommend sending them to the collection agency.

In a nutshell, we don't give up.

Remember, those payments that are past their time limits cannot be recovered. Don't wait till that happens - act now!

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